5 Ways To Improve Your Pointcloud Efficiency


In this session we will give you a personal tour on the path to efficiency. Using the latest technology, to elevate your workflow to the next level.  Helping you decide which version of the software will be right for you (and your chosen tools), but also looking into the potential of the software with some new features. 

Showcasing the amazing journey from data capture to processed deliverable, in a very simple way. With every step we take, you will see the great benefits it can add to your workflow. But wait, there’s more… We have added a bonus segment, showing you how to rapidly clean your data for publishing, as well as how to really add value to your deliverables.

We will also review some publishing options with Cyclone PUBLISHER and PUBLISHER Pro.  Simplifying the end-product but giving more than just your average pointcloud. In Session 2, there will be more information regarding the down-stream dataflow & use of the pointcloud. Don’t miss out on the full day of events.


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