Leverage the power of JetStream technology to maximise engagement with your customers and colleagues 


JetStream Enterprise is a server-hosted solution to help business manage huge reality capture projects and distribute the data to large numbers of users simultaneously, on multiple platforms. One such place to view data stored on JetStream Enterprise is by using JetStream Viewer.


JetStream Viewer is a free tool that can be installed locally or run from a thumb drive, making it the perfect addition to customers’ existing reality capture workflows and a wonderful tool for client communication. The Snapshot, Markup and presentation tools in the Viewer now support 3D models as well, allowing users to create engaging and descriptive presentations of their projects that can be saved as LGS files to be shared with others.


This session will discuss the use of the free JetStream Viewer as a tool for collaboration and communication. In addition, we shall look at TruView Enterprise and TruView Cloud, two simple platforms to allow sharing of reality capture data using the cloud to deliver content.

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