Discover our new range of automated total stations

Leica Geosystems’ 200 years of experience in developing and manufacturing theodolites and total stations flow into the new set of automated total stations, designed to help you master your projects. All you need to do is to pick the instrument best fit for your typical use cases and your clients’ requirements.

Leica Nova MS60 - Made for the best surveyors Leica Nova TS60 - Made for the best surveyors Leica Nova TM60 - Made for the best surveyors Leica TS13 - Made for the best surveyors
Leica Nova MS60 Leica Nova TS60 Leica Nova TM60 Leica TS16 Leica TS13
"Scan it." "Know it." "Monitor it." "Survey it." "Collect it."
Our MultiStation combines
high-end total station
functionality, 3D laser
scanning, GNSS connectivity
and digital imaging.
The most accurate
total station on the
planet, providing high-
precision results under any
environmental condition.
A robust monitoring total
station for permanent and
campaign monitoring
projects, giving you peace
of mind 24/7.
Our hard worker, made to face
any challenge, delivering
accurate measurement
data when and
where you need it.
A scalable mid-range
robotic total station,
empowering you to gradually
upgrade it along with the
growth of your business.


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