Our technology is changing the way
professionals manage pre-planning, forensic mapping, evidence gathering, incident and scene investigation
to create a Forensic Digital Twin.

Hexagon House, Michigan Drive, Tongwell, Milton Keynes, MK15 8HT

It is with great excitement and anticipation that Leica Geosystems are pleased to announce a series of Public Safety Open House Events 2022, a great opportunity to meet face to face with like minded professionals once more, in a Forensic and Public Safety Community based event.

A number of presentations will be made by external guest speakers and bodies on numerous topics.



CRASH - 26th April

Our digital geospatial technologies capture all details of a crash scene in 2D or 3D in a matter of minutes. They document and visualise marks made by rolling, braking, locking, drifting, or skidding of the involved vehicles. The results show the relative location of all direct and related evidence.



CRIME - 27th April

Our digital solutions help you maintain the chain of custody by capturing the scene and visualising in real time and helping with the systematic documentation and examination of the scene, such as georeferencing the evidence. Digital scene “flythroughs” provide an overview of the entire scene, identify any threats to scene integrity, and ensure the protection of physical evidence.




The unknown threat is always the most difficult to counter. Our technology creates digital twins of environments in real-time and includes site-specific intelligence. By quickly offering accurate digital mapping and documentation solutions, gathering precise and actionable data can accelerate reaction times and save lives.


Our own experts will be on hand to meet you in person, and to run workshops not solely advantageous to those within the LGS eco-structure.

Product update announcements and hands-on demonstrations will take place of all the key solutions.

Question and Answer sessions, and importantly, “tell us what you need” opportunities to shape the products and software for your expertise.

Please feel free to forward the open invitation onwards, to colleagues and friends within the wider Public Safety community, whether public sector/government or private.

Join us!



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